- If your steering wheel is off center but the car is driving straight. 

Alternatively, if the steering wheel is centered, but the car isn't driving straight.

If your car feels shaky and the steering wheel is vibrating.

- Finally, it's time to seriously consider an alignment if the car wanders from side to side on the road.

* An alignment is an important part of vehicle maintenance that will save you money in the long run.


An alignment involves adjusting three main angles of your tires to ensure the car is tracking straight, or driving where you point the steering wheel. Over time, your car's suspension endures enough abuse from the road to shuffle and jostle things out of their original position.

Given enough time on the road, this happens to every car. Add other mishaps like bumping into a curb or driving over a speed bump too quickly and your suspension and steering can be rendered unsafe.

If your alignment isn't correct, the car will react differently to than the manufacturer intended and the more time you drive your misaligned vehicle, the more damage you'll do to the suspension and steering components.

Additionally, the lifespan of your tires can suffer drastically from poor alignment. Tires are designed with the idea that a specific part will make contact with the road. A misaligned car will put them at an incorrect angle, meaning that the right part of the tire isn't making contact with the road. Your tires will wear unevenly or wear out sooner than they should, which means you'll have to replace them more frequently.


Fuel economy is another major reason to get your alignment checked. In addition to forcing more frequent tire purchases, the improper way the tire rolls on the road will create more resistance, forcing your car to work harder, using more fuel.

Getting your alignment checked is an excellent way to ensure your safety and proper operation of your car. Spending a little bit to get your alignment fixed will save you money on tires and fuel in the future. Costing about $80 at LaRiche Subaru*, an alignment is good money spent for safety, fuel savings and peace of mind.

*See dealer to verify current alignment price. Dealer reserves all pricing rights and prices are subject to change at anytime with out notice. 

LaRiche Subaru's Service Specials


Need an Alignment? 
How do you know..
Check out some of the signs that will tell you if you should come in today and get it checked!
Uneven wear- If one of your front or back tires shows a much different wear pattern than its opposite.
Pulling to the right or left- If a vehicle's wheels are badly out of alignment, you'll notice the vehicle will automatically try to turn to one side or another.
Passive pulling- With a lesser alignment problem, the vehicle may not actively pull, but when you let the car go straight ahead, without a hand on the steering wheel, the vehicle may naturally drift off to one direction or another.
Vibration- Bad alignment can also cause vibration as wheels pull against each other.
Crooked steering wheel- Another sign of a vehicle that is out of alignment is that the steering wheel may be crooked while the car or truck is going straight ahead. 


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